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Allergies can make you sneeze, cough and leave your eyes watery and itchy. Allergic rhinitis is a seasonal or a perennial condition. When diagnosing the disease, doctors will examine the patient physically and check the patient’s family history. This will help determine a course of treatment.

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A person who suffers from allergic rhinitis suffers from swollen nasal passages leaving them feeling clogged up and stuffy. Other symptoms may include, sneezing, itchy runny nose, watery eyes and scratchy throat. More severe symptoms include painful ear pressure, fatigue and even nose bleeds.

Allergic rhinitis affects a lot of people around the world. Its symptoms start from childhood to early teens. This issue is more prevalent in young boys, but equally present in adults. Although this is not a life threatening condition, it can aggravate other illnesses such as sinusitis and make life uncomfortable.

Luckily there are many ways you can control allergens that can flair an allergic reaction. With a combination of preventatives, most patients can manage their symptoms. On the other hand, some patients are prescribed with medication. While they can be very effective, they also have side effects that might be just as unpleasant as sneezing and coughing. In worse cases, surgery is required.

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