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Three pieces of no-nonsense advice for entrepreneurs from billionaire Mark Cuban

When asked, there are a number of reasons why one starts his own business. Most answers will say to earn extra income, to be able to buy the things they need, or to be able to send their kids to school. There is no secret there are a lot of ways to earn money especially […]

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How to Register a Business Name

Some new business owners think that choosing business name is the easiest part of starting a business in WA. But unfortunately, that is not necessarily. There are many things to consider when choosing a name for your business; you are going to need to put some thought into it. Having great company name differentiates you […]

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Preparing a risk management plan and business impact analysis

When starting a business, you should know that risks are everywhere. Every commercial entity, big or small, has to face different risks. Some of which may be easily solved with no harm done, and some of which can have a huge, lasting impact on your operations which may eventually lead to bankruptcy. These risks are […]

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Starting a business in Western Australia

Do you want to start your own business, but are wondering where to begin and what will it cost? Most business experts would advice that you start with creating together a good business plan. Well, you should create a business plan, but it is important that you’re aware that most business plans, including all the […]

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