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Jailed: Perth children’s home paedophile sentenced to 20 years

We all say that to hindsight is perfect. However, there are some things in life that we don’t want to experience in order to learn the lesson. Especially when it comes to our children, we don’t want to place them on harm’s way or take a chance with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

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We all have seen the numerous cases in the news these days of minors and children sexually assaulted and abducted. Normally, parents don’t have idea that their children have been targeted until it is much too late.

So if you have children, whether boy or girl, you should put in extra effort to be proactive. You should also coordinate with other parents to identify signs and behaviour of paedophiles, and know how to spot and protect your child from harm.

Identifying paedophiles can be difficult as paedophilia does not discriminate. This means that a paedophile can be anybody – he or she could be gardener, a professor, a police officer, a politician, a friend, or even a relative. Unfortunately, you can’t recognise paedophiles quite simply by appearance. However, there are some common signs and behaviours that have been linked to paedophiles that have been caught.

Most paedophiles are those who enjoy engaging in child-like activities and prefer to spend time playing with kids. Often, child predators will have an idealistic perspective of children. If someone finds everything about your child “perfect” or “good”, you should be careful. He may single out one particular child on whom he will lavish attention and affection rather than interacting equally with all the children present. In other words, beware of those who have extreme level of attraction to your child.

In Perth, a convicted paedophile could die in prison after being handed a 20-year term for the sustained sexual abuse of children in state care more than 35 years ago. Read more at:

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